To be overcharged for anything
Robbed blind
We got bf'd at that restaurant last night...
Fooking bastards bf'd us with that bill didn't they?
Set of bastards - proper bf'd us.
by Wajid Kahn October 17, 2007
BFD means "Big F***ing Deal"
Apple finally makes the plunge into the Cloud. What's the BFD?
by Kojaxe June 13, 2011
An abbreviation for Big Fucking Dick. Can also be used in text messaging and instant messaging.
Jenny is at the movies with her new boyfriend and they start playing with eachother in the dark. He pulls out his Johnson and after playtime is over she texts her best friend Joanna the following "Wow. Like OMG my new guy I met at the bar, the tall one named mark has like a B.F.D. It is like that big"
by Ozman121094 February 06, 2010
Big Fucking Deuche
Bill is such a BFD
by dawg12cat January 23, 2015
BIG FLOPPY DICK also known as the one and only ertel
dudeeee did you see that B.F.D hes almost like that ertel
by steven shipira April 29, 2010
Big fucking dick syndrom
the docter said i have bfds, so i got some pills.
by MaCer Fox March 26, 2009
Breakfast for Dinner!
Guido 1: "Heyyyyy whadda you have for cooookin last'a night?"
Guido 2: "Some ole' BFD is what I hadddd"
by johnfootpenis July 31, 2009

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