stands for big foots dick
*sniff* *sniff*... "What's that smell?.... its smells like BFD"
by thismuthafucka January 06, 2008
Big Fuckin' Dog - when you're tired of classifying you gigantizoid mutt in casual conversion, you can answer with this acronym to reverse the awkwardness of a pretentious ass waiting to lecture you on his/her canine's bloodline. Your mutt/rescue had better be 100+ lbs. 150lbs+ is ideal.
Swear i didn't make this up. Heard in all the time as a kid in Texas in the 80's. (possible tie to bush/biden-ism)
prick: "oooh, what kinda dog is 'he'? "
me: "well, last time i checked he's an aboriginal BFD."
prick: "oooh, right. they are soooo good with kids."
by sl8th April 03, 2010
Blackfathom Deeps, in the popular MMORPG World of Warcraft.
LFM BFD, 1 healer + tanks
by Scipio76 December 22, 2008
Live 105's annual concert.
Are you gonna be at BFD 6?
by The Grammar Nazi May 28, 2001
An acronym for Buttfucking Democrat.
Pretty Girl: So, did you hear the BFD's passed the health care bill?
Sexy Girl: What are BFD's?
Pretty Girl: Buttfucking Democrats.
by TheSovietCollossus March 24, 2010
Butt Fuck Deutschland, see "BFE"
We were supposed to get off at the Berlin Train Station, instead here we are in BFD
by kevin December 14, 2003

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