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A group of game players that lives to grief and ruin the enjoyment of online games for other players. Short for BEAT DOWN POSSE. The most ferocious player killers in the online gaming world.
Just got pk'd again by the BDP =(
by jimmy March 19, 2004
26 46
"Big daddy production" a very large blunt that contains 5 grams of marijuana or more.
Ryan are we going to smoke that BDP or what?
Yes Pat we will smoke that blunt, if you can handle it.
by Philmoe September 06, 2008
4 25
Black Door Productions (1970s NYC underground party promoters) ("BDP * We Turn It Out..." is an actual slogan from a 1970's BDP flyer promoting their Thanksgiving Eve - Super Disco party at the Audubon Ballroom in NYC on Nov. 22, 1978. The party featured Grandmaster Flash, the Disco Bee, Starski the Lovebug, Sonny/Kenny Gee, The Furious 4. The cost of admission was $3 ladies/$4 guys.)
BDP*We Turn It Out...
by BadAst June 26, 2007
2 27
The Boys de poway. A secret society of darring men who will stop at nothing to terrorize the streets of poway.
Dude my house is fucked up!?

Must have been the BDP

Damn, those are some bad ass mother fuckers.
by BDP October 02, 2004
12 39
Big Dick Phobia - A chick that fear huge cocks and will do anything (even reject a guy) to stay away from one.
Rottner in grade 11 rejected the Odog cuz shes got BDP.
by His Longness June 01, 2004
9 40
1. Balee Dat Playa
2. (in english) Believe that player.
"I'm get in them panties. BDP."
by Big Phil January 21, 2004
3 34