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Acronym for Baby Bear Porridge. Meaning something that is perfect/ just right.
Girl A is too fat.
Girl B is too thin.
Girl C is BBP. She is exactly the right size.
by Billy Bob Johnston April 13, 2009
Meaning "Big Black Penis" it originated from the Tribes 2 computer game. It was used as an insult to certain players, and stuck. It eventually became just a regular noun to describe anything.
As an insult - "Man, you like bbp in your ass"

As a regular noun - "God, I hate that fucking bbp."
by MasterBlaster February 23, 2005
Short for Bofh points; Points given from the Bastard Operator From Hell

BBP's are generally given away when someone has either been amusing or useful for the BOFH.

i.e go be good to the operator to get some.

i.e be good to the operator to get some
I just got some BBP yo! :D
by Ninyamonka January 14, 2009
BBPS - Bare Back Pussy Slide. When a women will rub your penis with her genitals without having you penetrate her. This is can be useful if you want to COB (cum on body). Some SPs and MPAs will let you do this; though it's not recommended as one could easily penetrate the vagina by mistake. While the act itself is relatively safe, the chance of accidentally penetrating the vagina makes it too risky for most seasoned hobbyists.

Is also sometimes called BBCG - Bare Back Cock Grinding.

See also Pussy Slide, Russian sex, BBFS, BBBJ, Italian sex. MP.
Yo' last night I was getting my BBBJ at a message parlor... All of the sudden that hoe jumped up on me and started to BBPS. I had to slap her before I got her preggo.
by eMM December 14, 2012
1. Big, Bushy Pussy; a woman who refuses to shave or wax behind the bikini line, staying hairy in places that a thong covers
2. An afro inside the panties
3. Trimmed short but not bare inside the panties
She has a BBP like a 70's porn star!
by BBP Queen July 06, 2012
BBP is an acronym that refers to a black man's genitalia-- a Big Black Penis.
Oh my, that black guy has a huge BBP!
by nickv April 28, 2005
Below the Belt Piercing
When I went to get my tongue pierced the dude offered to give me a BBP but I didn't want that creep to touch my snatch.
by TnTy August 14, 2010
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