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Refers to the the scorpion in the popular game D.O.T.A.(Defense of the Ancients), which is a modification of Warcraft 3. The Sand King is known for his ability to do as he pleases. He commands everyone and everything in the game. In short, the Sand King does what he wants.
\"Nice, I just got chosen by the Sand King and I can win the game!\"
by nickv April 26, 2005
Big Ron Coleman, the five time Mr. Olympia. Commonly known as Big Ronnie.
Big Ron just won the Mr. Olympia title for the fifth year, will anyone ever beat him?
by nickv April 26, 2005
A Bloodypaw is a young kid that plays games online. They are commonly silenced by their fathers being present in their room. Bloodypaws, against their knowledge, cannot do what they want.
I thought that Bloodypaw was in here, but I can't here him so his dad must be in the room!
by nickv April 28, 2005
BBP is an acronym that refers to a black man's genitalia-- a Big Black Penis.
Oh my, that black guy has a huge BBP!
by nickv April 28, 2005

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