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Meaning "Big Black Penis" it originated from the Tribes 2 computer game. It was used as an insult to certain players, and stuck. It eventually became just a regular noun to describe anything.
As an insult - "Man, you like bbp in your ass"

As a regular noun - "God, I hate that fucking bbp."
by MasterBlaster February 23, 2005
homosexual who continues to deny his urges for the male member
josh fansler.....elfwood
by masterblaster February 14, 2005
A parent that marrys someone in whom he or she falls in love with, who after being tortured with no sex, has to deal with the offspring of another while they tear the neighbohood apart with the protection of the biological parent.
Justin, my stepson...........
by MASTERBLASTER February 13, 2005
Verb; The act of fucking an aborted or stillborn fetus. To rip open a womens pregnant belly and rip the stupid fucking fetus out and ram your fat cock in its' soft gushy brains until you unload your jizz into its' mangled skull.
The dirty man chainsawed Marys' engorged belly open and pumped her unborn child full of his hot creamy cum. Isn't that cool Greg?
by MasterBlaster April 22, 2005
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