bast is short for bastard. But can also be used as a term of endearment.
Dont be a bast.


I love you basts.
by Aqua Drop December 09, 2010
A word made up by triple j host and comedian Ross Noble for the horrible looking australian idol guy sebastian
Bast would have to be one of the most horrible looking people on the planet
by Zi-wordwoman January 05, 2005
Acronym for Big Ass, Small Tits. Used to describe a chick with this affliction.
That chick is such a BAST.
by yosdk July 17, 2005
A person, ususally a male that wears bulky glasses refered to as Bast Glasses and loves to show his Bast pride by wearing flamboyant neon jackets which are called Bast Jackets.

The official Bast website is Http:// and i have found it very useful in my studies
1. Oh well ya bast!

2. My dad use to be a Bast but someone stole his glasses.

3. Man, that Bast is mugging me, i'm about to show him who's boss.

4. That Bast loves his bast jacket, he never leaves home without it.
by Sam December 04, 2003
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