Facial hair that has had detailed designs shaved into it, particularly designs of a tribal nature. Beard art ---> bart
"I saw this guy who looked sexy from behind at the gym yesterday, but when he turned around I saw he had some serious bart going on, so obviously I lost interest completely."
by Frank Flex October 04, 2013
When one person burps and farts simultaneously.
Just to be gross, Brandon decided to bart at the table.
by Lubzgroup January 07, 2013
Bart is a bar, without the T
Lets go to the bart, with out the T
by Kekbur! February 23, 2010
The act of farting and burping at the same time.
Yo dude, my chick totally barted last night during dinner. It was soooo hott! Too bad we were eating with her parents, 'cause I wanted to fuck her right then and there.
by HAM I AM August 10, 2006
Big Ass Right There. Usually used in public places where you want to tell your friend about a nice ass walking by or standing around. The beauty of BART is that nobody really knows what it is at first, so it can be said loudly without shame so you and your friends can laugh. It also is a high-speed train the the Bay Area of California.
"That girl has a BART!"
"She got a BART!"
"Damn she got a BART!"
by J-Dub from 707 March 07, 2009

A type of burp similar to a vurp in which the malodor produced by the belch stanks out the belcher and/or anyone in the near vicinity. It is the combination of burp and fart as in farting through your mouth, much as observed in hippopotomi in the wild.
Especially useful in escaping a first date gone horribly wrong. i.e., After subduing his apparent painful rectal itch, I decided to help bring an end to the date by blowing my most recent artichoke and spinach dip bart across the table as he yawned.
by Maryleen April 16, 2007
semen ejaculated from the penis during intercourse, oral sex and mastrabation.
After banging my buddies wife from behind for over 15 minutes I pulled out and shot a huge load of bart all over her ass & back and into her hair.
by yw March 21, 2006

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