A guy who is caring and sporty. He can make you laugh, is extremely kind and probably gorgeous. He is a lot of fun to hang out with and is very original, creative and can entertain you endlessly.
If you ever get hold of a Bart: never let him go, you'll regret it.
"Damn, I turned that guy down, he asked me to prom with him."
-"What?! But he's definitely a Bart!"
by JustARandomGirlYouDon'tKnow June 14, 2013
A bitch-fart.
Did you just bart?
by mr. bart simpson September 28, 2008
Acronym for Big Ass Rack (of) Titties.
Commonly used to describe a female with a well endowed chest.
Damn dude check out the Bart on that chick. *High Fives*
by Gildenstern November 06, 2007
When you burp and fart at the same time
"Dude, I just totally barted!"
by Wolffy July 10, 2008
A word derived from hearing pikeys talk to each other when saying "Yeah mate", in a particularly common southern English accent which ends up sounding like "Yeah bart" when muffled or when said while under the influence of alcohol/drugs.

An offensive term used to describe pikeys or scallys.

It can also be a sarcastically affectionate term used to talk to friends by replacing "mate" with "bart", when greeting them.
"Yeah bart hows it hanging?"
("Hello my friend/mate how is life treating you?")

"Look here come some barts"
("Some pikeys are coming towards us)

by notchris November 10, 2006
The act of farting after eating large quantities of red meat. The smell is rancid and generally has a hint of blood. The work is derrived from the words "blood" + "fart".
There is either a dead animal around or someone let a bart.
by mike4545 November 10, 2008

A lame person, A person who does dumb stuff
why do you keep being so bart? relax
your having a bart attack
your boyfriend is the most bart dude iv'e ever met
by J-smooth November 29, 2012

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