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A B-Unit is an all-male social group from the "burbs" (hence the "B") that collectively excels at all aspects of life.

The definition is based on the elite social and sporting group from southern Canada. They are known internationally for their dominance in waterpolo, hockey, mountain biking, academics and football.
Yo Marty, those guys in the B-Unit have 4.0s, have hot girlfriends, and play varsity sports. How do they do it?
by PaulyWally123123 December 01, 2009
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Used to express a lack of desire to do something or to show reluctancy in doing something
"Bun it, I need the loo"
"Bun it I aint getting up"
by "Youngie" January 15, 2009
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Blood Unit.

Bloods formed from the Piru gang on 1972 at Centennial High School, taking the Piru Bloods name from "Piru" street in Compton, California. The group formed to protect members from the Crips. Other gangs with the same motive started using the Pirus’ and Bloods’ names to signify alignment with the main gang. Although the Bloods’ membership is smaller than the Crips, they are potentially more dangerous, particularly when present in numbers.

They most often identify with the color red. West coast gang members often use a red bandana and while on the East Coast they use red colored beads. They will also use various graphic styles and terms emphasizing a disrespect for Crips.
The game uses this phrase to retaliate against 50 Cents fake " G unit".
by RaFFi July 17, 2005
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Also Bengali Unit

A group of five SQU-based rappers formed in late 2003.

Originally set out to be a clique of parodists, B-Unit quickly established themselves to be among the elite emcees in Muscat. The Bengali crew signed to Road B Records in late 2003, and within a few hours, Backfire (S. Rahman), DJ Spree (Z. Islam), Killah B (A. Zaman), Klutch (J. Islam), and Soundflash (M. Rizwan) had released their infamous club anthem, "In Da Staff Club," which epitomized the pitifulness of a local recreation center.

After receiving months of airplay, B-Unit decided to raise the stakes, broaden their range of topics, and tone their microphone skills. In the next 16 months or so, the group released hit after hit in what would eventually become their debut album "The Korrupted LP." Featuring tracks like the derisive "Thorny Trees," the satirical "Eat Rice," and the introspective "The Question Still Remains", "The Korrupted LP" was finally released in the summer of 2004. Current reports have it that a new project is under way.

See emcee.
Yo, have you heard that new song by 50 Cent? He totally copied B-Unit!

"Naw, I don't need pistols
And I don't give two s**ts
About knives, pit bulls,
Or even B-Unit."
--Klutch in "Hell On Earth II", The Korrupted LP

--DJ Spree in "The Whole World", The Korrupted LP
by Da Injineer December 03, 2004
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to smoke extremely large amounts of marijuana
yo mang you down to bunit?
by gangsta homie April 09, 2010
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A street name used for Pope Benedict XVI. Generally used by people who feel they are tight with the Pope.
Yo did you see that christening from B-Unit last weekend? That thing was sick!
by Kingston Kyle April 16, 2007
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a group of beaners
see beaner
Oh shit niggaz the b-unit is here.
by Kirill December 28, 2003
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