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1. verb. To access the LiveWire Forums (www.golivewire.com) and browse through the topics, polls and quizzes.

2. noun. A reference to LiveWire Forums.
1. Oh fuck, my schoolwork isn't done because I LiveWired all night!

2. Bah, LiveWire goes down more often than Hamel's mom!
by Kirill April 17, 2004
Slang for $1.50
Yo dawg you owe me a buckfidie.
by Kirill December 28, 2003
A flying fish that can attack when out of water.
OMFG, What is that Pugil doing out of the water?! OMGHAXX!
by Kirill January 01, 2004
Intelligent, and yet, a repulsive douchebag.
Karry : angsty high schooler wannabes, insulting writer-wannabees, etc.
by Kirill November 20, 2003
a group of beaners
see beaner
Oh shit niggaz the b-unit is here.
by Kirill December 28, 2003
The only place full of whores, while not being a strip joint.
by Kirill January 11, 2004

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