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A Scottish slang word. Used in instances of sudden pain.
Prounounced I-ya.
Nathan was pulling drawing pins out of the wall, and cut his finger. "Ayya".
Kenneth was digging and hit himself in the leg with a shovel. "Ayya".
by AyyaFreak September 15, 2009
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Ayya is flat out the nicest person you will ever meet. She is sweet and nice to anyone and everyone in her life. She is extremley smart and silently beautiful. An Ayya will never be rude to anyone, become conceited, or do anything remotely close to an action that might harm someone. She is adorable and a great friend. Often her skin will feel very soft, very much like yeast.
Stop being so mean! Can't you act more like an Ayya!
by H1p$+3r December 19, 2011
A term used to express great happiness. Also known as YAY!
AYYA! I am expressing happiness!
by Zaero October 08, 2003
Once used by Tamils to address their fathers Ayya. But they've somehow stopped doing so in modern times. Now, it's liken to the word sir. Only to address elder and/or powerful. Sometimes spelt aiya or ayyaa depending on emphasis on pronunciation.
Would you like to take a seat, Ayya?
by Dineshdashs July 04, 2015

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