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A Cantonese expression of displeasure.
Aiya! I just got PKed!

*stubs toe* Aiya!
by Yankee February 23, 2003
a chinese express used to express disappointment or when something wrong/bad happens
~After hitting your head~
Person #2: aiya... next be more careful!
by unknown May 23, 2004
chinese exclamation of frustration, annoyance, anger, etc.
similar to d'oh, oh crap, ah shit, damn it, oops, etc.
if you spill a can of soda pop on your keyboard say "ai ya", instead of d'oh.
by normers January 12, 2006
Cantonese expression describing exasperation. Saying aiya makes any situation better. Heard incessantly anywhere near the Straits of Malaya.
- Aiya! My wife left me and the kids are on fire!

- *crash* Aiya! So clumsy!

- We didn't qualify for the World Cup again!! Aiya!
by seniorwrangler May 10, 2008
Another word used by East Asians for 'Oh Shit!', 'NOOOO', 'Blah', 'GAAH', or anything that displeases them.
'Aiyaa! Whai you not eat your bok choi ahh?!'

'Aiyaa! i already ate fried rice!'
by fried rice eater May 10, 2009
term when you are stressed or pissed off; or just when you mess up on something
me: you marked a wrong answer right here
you: aiya!
by dontKiLLme May 22, 2007
like whoa, dude, what is going on?
or just
whoa, dude.
ai ya! jackie!
by Evanezer April 18, 2003
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