Something a shia paki would say to get his friend's attention.
Ay Ahmed, I love my economics teacher braithewaite.
by NotAShia2 November 27, 2010
1. Another way of sayin "hello"

2. "Hey" in Da Dirty South

3. Word used by rapper Rich Boy
1. Ay fool where u been


3.Let's Get This Paper-Rich Boy

Yeah, yeah, ay, ay, ay

Verse 1
R.I.P. Pooh Bear, that's my dead homie
Fuck that other shit, hey, let's get this bread homie
Remember when they could catch a charge down in Atlanta
They underestimate me 'cause I'm comin' from Alabama
Martin Lee, innocent, he ain't even have a chance
They beat him in that boot camp 'til he died in that ambulance
That boy was only fifteen years old, fuck what they say he did
So tell me how I'm 'posed to feel when police killin' kids?
And then we can't get a job, ridin' we get them pounds
If it ain't that coke then we get that 'dro and break it down
See that ice, the dope man paradise
Boy better think twice, that dope have you doin' life
They tore down the projects, so where we gonna move next?
They takin' them food stamps, they stop government checks
Hey, money my motivator, my mouth, my money maker
Now I don't see them haters, so let's go get this paper
by bears6464 March 13, 2008
A mien nigga born in the refugee camp. They are mostly short, dark skin, uneducated, and very poor. Most commonly pronounced as "A" but most people pronounce it as "I." They also lack sexual skills needed to complete the task of being victorious in bed. No skills in smooching girls also. They also are very lazy. Most common career is bus boy.
"Ay you are not the nigga!"

"Ay you!"
by Tdatniggaman December 27, 2008
"Moon" in Turkish.
Ay Yildiz - "Moon and the Star".
by Baville September 10, 2008
Refreing to the Shakespearin text in which Ay mean yes.
Romeo-Is she a capulet?
Romeo-Ay, she is. Now i cannot love her, But i am.
by fhdjksf October 26, 2005
ay is a slang most Canadians use that means "right?" often used to confirm ones thoughts with another.
jeff: that movie was so lame ay?

bob: yeah it sucked.
by some canadian guy August 18, 2009
a dorkko. who does not like to be called mandee; therefore you should! xD
you are a dorkko. Just like amanda yap!
by kekesaur^_^ March 21, 2005

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