Insane guy from Guns n Roses. Was pretty good at doing what he did, and mostly keeps to himself nowadays.

Get over it, people. Maybe he wants a break. He's still the shit though. Who else records himself screwing a random chick and then plays it in the background of a song? Only Axl.
Listen to Rocket Queen on Appetite For Destruction and you'll know what I mean.
by Utz89 December 21, 2004
Axl Rose, possibly one of the most colorful frontman in the world. Widly known for his angry attidue and outragous antics, but his passion towards his music and his need for perfectionsism that tore the original band up.
Axl Rose, the only man who can sing high as a girl while still being the worlds biggest bad ass...
by Spencer M May 21, 2005
world's only red-headed rawk-god with a temper to match.
st.louis,Mo. ; Montreal ,Qc
by traci guns September 07, 2003
The best rocker, the best voice. He composes wonderful songs to make us very happy. A sensitive man, charismatic, sensual and extremely romantic.
November Rain, Estranged, Patience, Sweet Child O' Mine, and so on.
by Lady March 03, 2004
This dude who liked to wear headbands and leather pants, had an extremely high pitched voice, and claimed to get laid every night. Oh ya almost forgot, he was part of HUGE rock band with a guitarist that kicked a$$.
"Welcome to the jungle, won't you bring it to ya SH-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-NA-KNEESS!!!!"

i can imitate axl rose....seth sucks(jk he's cool)
by GANJAMAN October 23, 2004
Lead Singer of Guns N Roses. Multi-Talented tanti-thrower and songwriter and is the sexiest redhead ever! Gorgeous! Wrote some amazingly good songs like Madagascar, Garden Of Eden, Estranged, Night Train, Sweet Child O Mine, Don't Cry and My Michelle.


I sure wouldn't mind giving him oral!
A born-fuckmeister. He is the most fucking gorgeous and rebel frontman and I would bang him like a screen door in a hurricane!
by AXL's one and only Tayla October 16, 2004
Complete fucking badass. Awesome guy, and anyone with some fucking taste in music regrets GN'R breaking up.
Axl Rose is a badass motherfucker.
by Lupus September 21, 2004

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