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One of the best rock bands ever. When Appetite for Destruction, their first and best album was released, they consisted of:
W. Axl Rose: Vocals
Slash: Lead Guitar
Izzy Stradlin: Rhythm Guitar
Duff McKagan: Bass
Steven Adler: Drums

They were also extremely badass.
Guns N' Roses are awesome. Even their name rocks.
by Lupus September 21, 2004
Complete fucking badass. Awesome guy, and anyone with some fucking taste in music regrets GN'R breaking up.
Axl Rose is a badass motherfucker.
by Lupus September 21, 2004
The act of performing both the relpaarg and grappler at the same time. Someone who, within the confines of the relpaarg, grapples onto "popular" obscure music.
James listens to Pink Floyd, because it is the band all the relpaargs listen to. He is a grapplarg.
by Lupus January 01, 2005
Kamek got volcano burned after his friends discovered his Soulseek folder's contents.
by Lupus January 01, 2005
A small wart like sore found on the genitalia.
That bitch gave me quorums!
by Lupus May 26, 2004
Prostitute Sisters of South Point High
You might get an STD from the Trucker Children.
by Lupus March 04, 2004
A person who never gets the girl, always finishes last, and most importantly, doesn't play Rock N' Roll.
Nice boys don't play rock n' roll
by Lupus September 21, 2004

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