Coined by Mr. George W. Bush, a term used to describe whatever poses a threat to the peace of the nation, or in other words what is simply put, "un-American." Until recently, this trio was composed of just Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, however cheeseburgers and french fries have been added as they pose a health risk to the people of this nation.

The Axis of Evil is certainly a strong and tempting term indeed, as it capitulates the imaginations of all Americans young and old, and also because France surrendered as soon as it heard the term in usage.
"The Axis of Evil--Iran, Iraq, and North Korea, all of whom pose an open terrorist threat to the security of this nation."

"Due to recent surges in obesity, cheeseburgers and supersize McFries have also been added to the so-called Axis of Evil"
by Cal Chase September 03, 2004
Top Definition
Term used by George W. Bush to describe countries he wants to overrun, with words specifically chosen to stir the sheep-like American public
Bush on TV: "We must stop the axis of evil."
viewer: "oooooh avis of evil... must support unnecessary takeover of helpless nations... I have no mind of my own..."
by Anonymous August 21, 2003
George W. Bush's vendetta list.
It includes Iran, N. Korea, France, Germany, math, english, pretzels, Dick Cheney's heart, young voters, John Kerry, the cast from Queer Eye, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, the Dixie Chicks, Michael Moore... it never ends.
by bigtones November 02, 2004
Term with derogatory undertones, used by the U.S.A government to characterize countries that "are suspected to harbour terrorism" and that are supposed to have formed an unofficial alliance, supposedly to justify invasion. The terms comes from "Axis", the nickname for the WWII German-Italian Alliance.
Russia doesn't belong to the "axis of evil" because it is too dangerous to confront.
by The eternal grunt April 23, 2004
The combination of Intel and Microsoft, and endorsers of poor quality computers (HP, Compaq, Gateway) who make use of the above.
You shouldn't buy that computer; it contains components from the Axis of Evil.
by Kev009 July 08, 2003
terminology used at first to describe enemies of the United States. It has subsequently become slang term for something which someone doesn't understand and therefore hates.
Dude, I hate math class. I don't understand it at all. It's on the axis of evil!
by marduk420 December 14, 2003
Something that Bush made to take the blame off him. Some countries on the list were not a threat till he put them on.
North Korea was NOT A THREAT until he IGNORANTLY AND STUPIDLY put them on this lil list called axis of evil. now that dumbass has to deal with this dumbass mistake.
by JAMEs September 21, 2003
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