Companies like SCO and Mircosoft are the part of the axis of evil.
by rubbaNECK August 22, 2003
1.A group of 3 countries which the USA views as a threat.
2.Something that George Bush came up with 2/3rds of the phrase.....think about it....2/3rds of a three word is a fucking dumbass
Norht Korea is in the Axis of Evil b/c it.....ummm...anybody know what North Korea has done???
by Jeb081387 July 25, 2003
A term used by elitist nations to describe anyone opposed to their philosophy of world domination and manipulative bullshit. Currently applies to nations opposed to the United States. More accurately describes a nation which dropped two atomic bombs on populated areas and which consistently sell weapons to terrorist organizations and then a few years later scapegoats these organizations in order to gain support for their own effort to conquer a nation which consequently has the second largest supply of oil in the world and little defenses.
"Watch out for the axis of evil! They are coming to your town to kill your babies and burn american flags and destroy democracy! So lets go to war and if your opposed than your a coward or a traitor!"
by Zaltan July 31, 2003
(Partly distasteful) terminology pertaining to countries that sponsor international terrorism; common, cliched target for criticism of the Bush administration.
"Teh bush adminsitraitin sux0rz bcuz bush calls other countreis axis of evil omg LoL"
by GoatBoi July 18, 2003
A coalition consisting of the Bush Administration, Tony Blair, and Tommy Franks.
by Anonymous July 26, 2003
my old Lit teacher ellen kestler and all the students tha kissed her ass for better grade
hey get out of the hall here comes the axis of evil
by Colte July 28, 2004
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