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small, harmless accident that does nothing but bend the fender, hence the name.
the faggot that backed into me in the parking lot wanted to sue over a fender bender.
by McCheesy November 01, 2003
relatively meaningless term used by George W Bush to attack innocent people
axis means something
evil means something
but when combined they are worthless
by McCheesy September 05, 2003
some tasty shit man
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm burgers
by McCheesy September 05, 2003
ovverated braggarts who get credit for all the d-line's hard work.
i like helping linebackers shove nerds into lockers.
by McCheesy September 03, 2003
a stupid faggot who constantly falls down to get attention.
nobody laughed at the idiotic pratfaller, Tyler Mendoza.
by McCheesy October 21, 2003
a retarded little bird that chirps too much
the cockatiel hissed at my foot and tried to rip off my toe
by McCheesy September 05, 2003

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