What the hell, no love for Twisted Metal? You fucks.

Character in Twisted Metal who takes the form of a man attached to a machine made of a cage or similar contraption for his body and two large wheels. His usual motive for entering Calypso's competition is to avenge the death of his wife.
Axel: I will avenge my wife!
by God-Emperor April 18, 2008
A person that is very holy of nature and screams SOL'S BLESSING as soon as he gets into trouble or/if the sun is shining.
Also attracts the opposite gender naturally.
Usually has very light or blonde hair.
An Axel is also very easy to trick by showing them pictures of women wearing daring clothes.
Can by nature hear sounds that are not normally hearable by normal people.

Hates to be chased by The Green Sloth.
Usually is a member of the holy church nearby your town/city.
You: Oh my god, that guy is so bright and holy. Let's beat the shit out of him and steal his money.

The Axel turns around and shouts SOL'S BLESSING before he runs away instantly.

You: I can't see shit, let's go home and have a spliff.
by the chilla March 18, 2010
A jump in figure skating which takes off of a forward outside edge, rotates one and a half revolutions in the air, and then is landed on the back inside edge of the opposite foot used to jump from.

Also, the hardest jump in figure skating (hardest single, double, and triple). No quad axels have yet been landed.

This jump is highly associated with mind games, and instills fear in many of skaters. Very fun to land, but taking off is usually the hardest part!

named after Axel Paulson.

Ususally once a skater lands an axel, they are accepted into the political world known as figure skating. It is a brutal world, you are no one, even in little USFSA clubs... you are no one unless you have your axel...
I landed my first axel today!

I hate the axel.

Make the axel your best friend.

Okay, now I want three axels in a row.
by Kristin August 14, 2003
Verb, to start something and never finish. Based on Axel Rose's inability to finish the "new" Guns 'n Roses album.
John's axeled his master's thesis for 6 years!
by Eileen Powers June 12, 2007
A figure skating jump that consists of a takeoff from a forward outside edge, 1 and ½ rotations in the air, and a landing on the backward outside edge. Named after Axel Paulsen, the Norwegian skater who first performed it in 1882.

Also known as the element of hell.
I blew my axel again today.
by Laurelina October 23, 2006
a person that is always baffled and a complete hooligan. They are commonly found in chemistry classes and working in fast food restuarants. They can also be purchased on street corners for a buck an hour.
person#1 : look at that person. they never get chemistry and they work at mcdonalds at 10 am.
person#2: what an axel!
by ilovekatarina April 18, 2008
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