n. a person who gets hit by a city bus while jwalking
n. to be in critical state due to a city bus
v. to get completely owned by a city bus
Example 1:
Kid 1: Did you hear about that kid Axel from RFK high school?
Kid 2: Yeah man! He got totally Axel'd.

Example 2:

Kid 1: I'm going to jwalk now, I'm cool.
Kid 1: I'm not dumb.
-Kid 1 gets hit by a city bus-
Busdriver: "You just got Axel'd"
by nycbdriver8 September 23, 2009
Sexy red-head in games Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Kingdom Hearts II, Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. Has Two Chakrams that can be thrown like boomerangs. In Organization XIII, number VIII. Others name is Lea.

"Got it memorized?"
"Commit it to memory"
Many fangirls cry at Axel's death.
by Xalcher and Xiald October 18, 2009
1.Also known as a flurry dancer of flames.

2.A person who's admired by lots of women.
1. Look at him/her! that person can be a descendant of Axel!

2.omg it's an Axel!
by godoftruth69 January 11, 2009
Me: Oh Hey! You know, I battled Axel (the sexiest guy ever) last night on KH2

P2: Oh, nice!
by AxelKitty June 27, 2011
1. the kind of person who would have a swell mullet and matching beard
2. the kind of person who boned your mom on his kickass motorcycle
3. the kind of person who uses vodka to make his alcohol less potent
4. the kind of person who has a lot of guns and is a lumberjack
Citizen: what is the name of the guy who wrestled a bear jumped through a hoop of fire killed bin laden eat ten steaks raw bone ur mom on a flying motorcycle over a volacano all while lumberjacking?

other citizen : Axel
by Axel the lumberjack November 24, 2013
Synonym for asshole
That dude is such an Axel.
by Capn' Awesomepants May 01, 2011
A person that is very holy of nature and screams SOL'S BLESSING as soon as he gets into trouble or/if the sun is shining.
Also attracts the opposite gender naturally.
Usually has very light or blonde hair.
An Axel is also very easy to trick by showing them pictures of women wearing daring clothes.
Can by nature hear sounds that are not normally hearable by normal people.

Hates to be chased by The Green Sloth.
Usually is a member of the holy church nearby your town/city.
You: Oh my god, that guy is so bright and holy. Let's beat the shit out of him and steal his money.

The Axel turns around and shouts SOL'S BLESSING before he runs away instantly.

You: I can't see shit, let's go home and have a spliff.
by the chilla March 18, 2010

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