blowjob under de table; an asshole; beener;
he just gave her a axel during lunch
by vasco_nene March 12, 2009
a figure skating jump from the backward outside edge and then into the forward outside edge and rotate in the air 1 and half revolution and landing on the right leg backward outside edge .. it can be (double , triple axel)
i landed my axel this year and planing on landing my double axel .
by Nionia September 13, 2004
A word describing someone incredibly annoying with stupid, unnatural hair colors and the habit of repeating the same thing over and over again.
"Bob won't stop saying 'Got it memorized' after everything."
"God, he's such an Axel!"
by ElleTerra September 28, 2009
a faget and/or a different life form the most hideous thing to be seen on earth a disturbing image of life rejected by everyone and fucked by only one..... his daddy. also the main characted in the upcoming gey porno movie titled "Daddy and Me"
you are so ugly you look like axel.
we found an "AXEL" in my toilet
by endmostfire May 03, 2009

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