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Greeting commonly used in the western cape of south africa.
Awe is hi,hello,howzit,etc
With the ness added it makes it super cool or radical!
Not just hi,hello or howzit but awe-ness!
Walking up to a gróup of friends you holler,
AWE-NESS ma se kinners!
by shanx69 May 24, 2011
prononunced ah-where-ness (dont say the 'r')1.An expression used when you see or hear or experience something cool. For example you're with T.I for a day. You say "aweness" coz thats how you feel.2.A slang greeting
1.For example you're with T.I for a day.
2.'Aweness my friend!'
by Shaxmeister April 18, 2009

deep feelings of astonished wonderment.
The aweness of being is sometimes more than we can emotionalize.
by Jimmy Fedd June 21, 2016
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