The act of using a friend to have sex with someone else while you control them.
Joel and Richiard just fucked that girl avatar style
by Avatar2101 January 03, 2010
1. A cool (or not cool) pic that appears below your name on forum sites.
2. The personification of something infinite, usually a god.
1. He had a Boohbah avatar so I hired a hitman to kill him.
2. My friends say he's the Avatar of Apollo because he's so sexy.
by Cortana Dragoon June 17, 2005
man on man hand job
two dogs fighting over treats is the same thing as two dudes fighting over an avatar.
by rtrain 5000 December 27, 2009
A world where any and all plants are The Sacred Something of Something…
Giant smurf looking guy: We should go to the sacred bush of lost souls. I hear it’s extra sacredy this time of year.

Giant smurf looking guy’s giant smurf looking wife: We did that last week. How but the sacred shrub of hollow visionaries?

Giant smurf looking guy: Nah, too expensive now. What about the stick of underdeveloped dreamscapes?
Giant smurf looking guy’s giant smurf looking wife: You didn’t hear? That place closed down awhile back. The only other place I can think of is the sacred cow patty of the valued elders.

Giant smurf looking guy: That settles it then. Go hook your hair up to that anteater looking horse and let’s get out of here.

Giant smurf looking guy’s giant smurf looking wife: You are so Avatar.

Giant smurf looking guy: If only I could control Ohio’s weather.

Giant smurf looking guy’s giant smurf looking wife: At least you’re very Luke. You got that going for you.

Giant smurf looking guy: Yeah, but you’re no Becky. I’m so Avatar and I don’t even know it.
by Flagges Stone February 04, 2010
Turkish word for private parts.
Ballers always changing his avatar.
by Luny007 April 09, 2008
One of the many incarnations of the Hindu God, Shiva / Vishnu / Brahma
I'm not going to steal that watch - surely an avatar will come to smite me!
by Roximily September 16, 2004
1) An incarnation of a diety or a supernatural being in the physical world.
2) A digital representation of a person who lives only through the internet.
1) The Kalki avatar of Sri Krishna is going to wreck havoc when he comes.
2) Any old yahoo! avatar
by Gunkglumb May 23, 2005

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