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Autumn's are brunettes with big brown beautiful eyes and freckles. Tend to be a little pale with there rose colored cheeks. They are shy at first, but once you get to know them they are a total different person. She is sweet and nice, but loves to have a good time. She loves to hang out and cuddle.

They tend to have a nice shaped body to fit there dimples. They tend to look better the older they get. Are usually spoiled and popular at there school. She tends to go for guys name Sam and she loves the nice weather. She tend to be (YOFO) which means only famous online, but she hopes to be more than that.

She is a great friend, but a better girlfriend. She is always there for you and always understand. She never back stabs. She loves to have a boyfriend taller than her because they usually get no taller than 5'4. She loves to take pictures and dance, but at the end of the day she wants to cuddle with her man who she adores. She tends to be very sexual and funny, too.

If you ever meet an autumn you better keep her because she won't come along again.
"Hey do you think I should talk to autumn?" Guy 1

"No, bro. She is taken by Sam and he will kill you." Guy 2

"Ok.Bro, but one of these days I will meet up with her again." Guy 1.
by damnimsmart July 28, 2012
The prettiest girl I know but doesnt know it. a big booty ho. That is always down to fool around. Makes you laugh every time you hangout with her. The nicest sweetest girl who wants nothing more then to make you happy has the best eyes you've ever seen that change color from green 2 blue. Tan skin. Is confident but is to hard on herself. Loves getting massages and is a push over in a good way. Has a firey temper when needed. Takes crap from her boyfriend because she loves him more then anything. Loves to go out and dress up. Is adventures very loyal and will give up things for the one she loves. Always gets hit in the face the opposite of her mother.
Cutest autumn
by TeachmehowtoDouglas April 20, 2013
Autumn can be describe as a shy,not so confident,beautiful,sweethearted lady where everybody pushes her around.
She's always so hard on herself but,never on others.She's so sweet to others and always helpful.
Once you get to know her,you will love her.
Wow,she's such an Autumn?
by BringTheFries February 09, 2014
The most beautiful smart sexy funny woman to steal my heart. A force of nature like the sun that parts the clouds on the stormiest days. A woman who I am madly and hopelessly in love with.
"Jesus Ben! You‘re out of breath and you have a silly grin."

"I‘ve been Autumned...."
by ben dover 1968 July 12, 2013
A girl, typically has red hair. She is smoking hot and guys can't keep their hands off of her. She has a unique and beautiful smile. Her personality is amazing and people love being around her.
Guy 1- ''Wow that girl is really hot''
Guy 2- ''Yea, her name is autumn''
by Catspajamas123 October 27, 2010
Also known as Fall, the season that marks the transition from Summer to Winter, beginning on September 21 and ending on December 21. While often regarded positively for the fall foliage colors, Autumn is despised by:

1. Many people living in Northern areas due to the fact Autumn means cold weather is on the way

2. Most kids in any type of school (elementary, high, college, etc.) with a normal calendar due to the fact Autumn is the start of the school year and the furthest point away from the return of Summer/End of the year

Major Holidays in Autumn include Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving.
While Jill looks forward to Autumn because of the bright colors, Henry despises every part of the season except Halloween.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 26, 2012
An amazing girl who will date alot of guys, but is a heart breaker. She is really fun and awesome. THIS GIRL IS AN AWESOME KISSER! Every boy in her class secretly wants her. I know, i was in her class. Im her ex, and im even writing this. I love her! Usually blonde. Has an attitude, so dont mess with her. Smart and sexy too, She is beautiful. She is really popular, so dont get on her bad side. The girl everyone always wants to hang with.

Autumn! we all miss you.
by aiden Mcginnis. March 05, 2013