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The season where skirts get shorter because the socks are longer.
It's definitely autumn, just look at that girls skirt
by Belgian girl October 23, 2011
Beautiful , sexy, girl. Likes to have fun in the bed ;) if ya know what I mean
Sex Autumn
by Autumn Wehrman January 16, 2011
A girls/woman's name. This person seems to be nice on on the outside but vain on the inside. This person is usually very beautiful and has a perfect face,such as pretty eyes,straight nose,perfect teeth,hair. An Autumn cannot be trusted as she tells a lot of secrets,because it makes her feel important to others because she knows these things .She cannot resist feeling wanted and noticed by people.She usually does not respect what she has and abuses it and takes advantage of situations and people.An Autumn is known for being mischievous and not honest.She will not take the blame for anything for it will ruin her reputation and blames it on her friends or other people.The opposite sex cannot get enough of her and want to love her.An Autumn will usually have no self respect and realization of the world.
by @YourName.com July 21, 2013
A brown haired gorgeous girl.Usually who had braces or is about to. Autumns have big beautiful breast to go with their well rounded ass!
Guy 1:Man i would love to get with that autumn chick

Guy2Man you cunt get with her she is way to hot for your ugly ass !!
by TuckaMuthaFucka July 02, 2010
is very pretty shes great in bed!
wow i did autumn last night ;)
by babe im a 10 April 12, 2010
Pronounced: (Aut-umn)

An insult to a woman who's gender cannot easily be distinguished.

Lad 1: Look at that butch bitch over there mate!

Lad 2: Thats not a bird, thats an Autumn...

Lad 1: Whats one of them.... ?

Lad 2: A man, a woman, an it and an alien all in one.
Autumn: I heard that ya cheeky tw@t... now piss off before I crack ya both.

by Jfok January 13, 2008
to lead a guy on and stop all contact with him. Also can mean a bull dyke lesbian. To be unnatractive and manly in their ways. To have characteristics of a man.
Dont go with her dude, thats an autumn.
by Sonny mf September 11, 2007