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Often referring to the season following Summer and preceeding Winter. Autumn is also known as Fall.

The name Autumn is a rare name and usually applies to an extremely cognative and intelligent person. She usually has light colored hair; Blonde or a light Brunette and more often than not, is very cute. These Autumn's are extremely lovable. Autumn's are usually funny and have their own unique complex personality, that once mostly decyphered will instantly cause you to fall for them. Autumn's are determined persons who handles stressful situations very well and are sometimes wrongfully refered as a teachers pet due to their dependability, trustworthyness and honesty. Autumn's are rarely decetful and are often of the Sanguine personality type.
Guy one: Who's that insanely smart girl?

Guy two: I have no idea, but I heard she is smarter than our teacher.

Guy one: yeah, she definately is. She just looks smart.

Guy three: Dude, thats Autumn. Shes new this year.

Guy one and two: Ohhh..
by ForsakenVaudevillian10 October 17, 2009
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