amazing beautiful, different type of girl, not like all the rest of the world has a mind set of her own, lovely, classy and all around just beautiful can bring a smile to anyones face by just saying hello, she isn't judgmental, down to earth, and can keep a good conversation, amazing taste in music, techo, rock, anything really. she can hardstyle like a BEAST. She also loves to be different, by having her own style. very unique just like her name. oh, she is the biggest romantic, has a lovely heart just waiting to give to someone, she loves to have a good scene boy in her arms. well honestly I love calling her mine. I love my autumn. be sure to find one <3
Me: Autumn, your beautiful.

Autumn: be mine forever? :)
by BOYFRIEND11111111111111111111 September 08, 2011
usually brunette. quirky,sexy,funny,free. a hilarious girl with a beautiful personality. everyone stops and stares when she enters the room. she is popular and powerful, you dont wanna get on the wrong side of her though! she can be kind, caring, helpful and courageous, along with being friendly, cute and gorgeous. Autumn will have your back throughout your whole life, and will never backstab or bitch about you. the world needs more autumns.
boy1: i need a girlfriend
boy2: keep away from my autumn, already got enough lads lusting after her
by xoxoCHERRYxoxo July 23, 2011
one of the 4 seasons, a female who is very attractive likes to have sex. usually the hottest person in your group of friends. very fun to be around but is weird at times. can get any guy she wants, very very very sexy!.
"WOW! she's hot she must be an autumn"

"Autumn is a good time of year"
by uberclix123 June 29, 2009
Autumn is genuinely an odd person. She is very caring and sweet! :) She loves to smile with her eyes! :D Generally Autumns are AWESOME!! Probably the coolest person you will ever meet!
Wow! Who is that?

Oh, that's Autumn!
by *ExtremeCouponer!!* October 18, 2011
Autumn is the most amazing girl I've met in my life. She always going to tell you what she thinks and she never backs out of a fight. She's beautiful, amazing, perfect personality,she's the closest thing to perfection, and most of all i can always trust her.
Guy 1 "Wow, she's perfect for me."
Guy 2 "Whats her name?"
Guy1 "Autumn"
by Isaac Noel Edwards May 25, 2011
A person that will make you fall in love with them by doing nothing, She will never use you, but will make you feel used. You will always wait for her to fall in love with you even though there is no chance of that ever happening.
guy 1: That girl broke my heart.

guy 2: Was her name Autumn?
by adubwilk March 26, 2010
Autumn's are brunettes with big brown beautiful eyes and freckles. Tend to be a little pale with there rose colored cheeks. They are shy at first, but once you get to know them they are a total different person. She is sweet and nice, but loves to have a good time. She loves to hang out and cuddle.

They tend to have a nice shaped body to fit there dimples. They tend to look better the older they get. Are usually spoiled and popular at there school. She tends to go for guys name Sam and she loves the nice weather. She tend to be (YOFO) which means only famous online, but she hopes to be more than that.

She is a great friend, but a better girlfriend. She is always there for you and always understand. She never back stabs. She loves to have a boyfriend taller than her because they usually get no taller than 5'4. She loves to take pictures and dance, but at the end of the day she wants to cuddle with her man who she adores. She tends to be very sexual and funny, too.

If you ever meet an autumn you better keep her because she won't come along again.
"Hey do you think I should talk to autumn?" Guy 1

"No, bro. She is taken by Sam and he will kill you." Guy 2

"Ok.Bro, but one of these days I will meet up with her again." Guy 1.
by damnimsmart July 28, 2012

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