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An Autumn is an amazing person that completes life. Without Autumns, going to the principals office would never be fun. Autumns are gorgeous, smart, flirty, and amazing.
Although Autumn's may sometimes have short tempers, they calm down after slapping you a couple times. If you meet an Autumn, you'll know before the name is even mentioned. Autumn's are people who totally understand you. Autumn's say it like it is. If you are crossing that fine line of having fun and being a skank, she'll tell you. Autumn's are often known to keep their best friend in line if she's being a whore. Autumn's are often girls that have very hateful mothers. Guys love Autumn's because they're original, beautiful, and have amazing personalities. Most Autumn's have a shopping addiction.
Wow, my best friend is totally an Autumn.
by kylee23 March 19, 2011

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