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The singular form of autistic. Usually in reference to those who play sandbox games such as minecraft other than actual autistic peoples.
Billy from down the street is an autist
#downie #retard #autism #autistic #plebeian #faggot
by Steve the First March 29, 2011
Someone who is either autistic or is obsessed with Minecraft.
Erik O'Hara - "I love Minecraft"
Adam Hansen - "Shut the fuck up you autist"
#minecraft #retard #down syndrome #swag #fuck
by Greg House January 03, 2015
a person who plays games such as minecraft or five nights at freddy's they also usually enjoy my little pony and for some reason the marvel superhero deadpool
hey did you hear? franklin is an autist
#five nights at freddy's #minecraft #autist #retard #autistic
by five nights of autism September 26, 2015
A person that thinks he can own memes, but he is actually a fucking retard that needs to wear a helmet.
"Dad, who is the most autsitic person in the world?"
"Peter the autist"
by icetool34 May 20, 2016
An autistic person that is also an artist.
Person 1: Wow this painting is so good.
Person 2: Yeah I heard an autist painted it.
by xxkillerxxO November 13, 2015
Loose translation for retard, which is derogatory slang for a stupid person.
Who's the autist who left the milk out?
by theVoid620 March 30, 2004
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