A band formed of Rage minus Zach De La Rocha and Chris Cornell of Soundgarden. Releases of their self-titled album include "Cochise" and "Like a Stone". They have some of the most amazing and unique guitar solos by Tom Morello. One of the reasons they are so good is that their songs either put a strong emphasis on the guitar or vocals so they never clash or over-do it. Chris Cornells voice also souns just as amazing and gravely live as he does on the album.
Tom Morello is my hero, he plays in Audioslave
by TMismyhero June 02, 2004
Top Definition
a band formed out of the ashes of Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine.
audioslave rocks!
by FhillyMan August 20, 2003
A wonderful rock band composed of Soundgarden's hottie Chris Cornell, and the members of Rage Against the Machine
I love Audioslave, but I miss Soundgarden.
by Aluralas July 14, 2003
a sweet-ass band
"i was listening to audioslave the other night, and show me how to live is a CRAZY song"
by Reesey December 25, 2002
Awesome band formed by the members of rage against the machine, and the singer from soundgarden. They have blessed us with amazing music. the idiot at the bottom is stupid if he cant tell what a morello solo sounds like, stupid moron
Wow, rage and soundgarden now audioslave, amazing.

want an orgasm? Listen to some Audioslave.
by skier October 06, 2005
A kick-ass band made up of ex-rage rage against the machine members and soundgarden's Chris Cornell
rage rocked hard, but audioslave rock harder!!
by matt May 20, 2003
A cool band with Chris Cornell. yeah! Chris Cornell fucking rocks, so if anybody says diffirent, then you can go die!!!!!!! ha!!!!
Audioslave fucking rocks!!!!
by Amanda Tarlton September 09, 2005
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