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a sweet-ass band
"i was listening to audioslave the other night, and show me how to live is a CRAZY song"
by Reesey December 25, 2002
A woman's vagina...also, it can be used to describe a smelly and/or dirty vagina.
"Hey hot stuff! Why dont u come over here and i'll have a tuna box for lunch!"
by Reesey December 10, 2002
The act of giving oral sex.
"That biznatch buffed me off last night, and I gave her an Alaskan Fire Dragon."
by Reesey December 03, 2002
Kinda like in "Don't Be A Menace to South Central, L.A. While Drinkin Your Juice in the Hood", where he fucks that ghetto-ass bitch with government cheese and shit...if u don't know what im talkin about, then go see it and you'll know.
I got a slum nut from that bitch last Thursday man
by Reesey December 25, 2002
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