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Beautiful. The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's sweet and funny and smart and beyond gorgeous. If you're dating her, don't ever let her go because you'll never find anybody like her. Just seeing her smile will brighten your day. She takes things as she sees them, so don't pretend to be somebody you're not. She likes to make people feel comfortable, no matter who or what they are. It's almost impossible to hate her.
Guy: I like her.
Girl: I knew you would. She's Aubrianna.
by KMAN1958 October 06, 2011
Sexy, Strong, Overachiever, Lovable, Nice, and straight forward. But if you mess with an Aubrianna she will be the first to get in your face and make you feel like you are nothing.
Damn did you see that girl she just went all Aubrianna on her ass.
by Dat1Chick July 11, 2011

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