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A kick ass runescape pure clan.
Atrocity was so good it was a Atrocity to watch them destroy othe clans
by WDFBBQHAX April 01, 2008
A large group of white trash and european faggots from all over the world that suck at a game called "World of Warcraft". This group, or "clan", as they call it in their gaming world tend to mainly homosexual's and NAMBLA memebers who frequently visit eachother and make love to eachother and their adopted children. This guild also tends to do whatever they can to fuck over other guilds, hence, causing no one to like them.
- 1. Boy that guild Atrocity is a bunch of cum guzzling cockhounds.

- 2. It sure is an Atrocity that that guild Atrocity is full of a bunch of bitches who should pratice flossing their teeth with my nut hair.
by Herbert the Friendly Fucktard August 05, 2005
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