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1.) Literally, work that is done at home. Usually applies to schoolwork. Homework is unnecessary as it is given to students who have already spent the majority of the day at school.

2.) Something that gets crueler with every grade. While the first graders chug away on their addition worksheets, they are blissfully unaware that they will soon enough be doing laborous tasks such as AP World History homework, Geometry 2 homework, English Honors homework, and even Gym homework on a nightly basis.

3.) Assignments that are wickedly easy to procrastinate on whenever there is a preferable activity at hand, such as YouTube, Xbox, or being impaled by a molten iron spike.

4.) What you are probably supposed to be doing at this very moment, seeing as you looked up "homework" on urbandictionary. I would go so far as to say you have a very LARGE amount of it.
Whoever invented homework did NOT go to heaven.
by Enigmatical January 19, 2010
Where my social life went to die.
Example 1-
Bob: Hey, we're all going to the pool. Want to come?
Me: No, I need to get 99 wc.
Bob: Huh?
Me: Level 99 woodcutting. Believe me, it's important.
Bob: How long will that take?
Me: Well, a couple months overall. I'm in my sixth week of training, so it shouldn't be too long now if I keep playing at 10 hours a day.
Bob: *flees the vicinity*

Example 2-
Jane: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Playing RuneScape.
Jane: Nerd.
Me: Noob.
by Enigmatical April 06, 2010
A game whose player population is 70% noobs, 15% high leveled nerds, 10% total jerks, 4% bots, and 1% other. What follows is a sampling of these clever and charming individuals in action.
Pillow014: Give me money or i report u
Tommyboy12: Where Varrock
Microosoft: Ned gf plz
Frosthelix: Ahaha you all noobs I pwn all of you
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Frosthelix: Noobs
Under9000: Frost stfu
Microosoft: Will u my my gf
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Foxygurl77: No, soz
Microosoft: Y not
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Bigdaddy13: Dancing for runescape money
Foxygurl77: Because im a guy
Frosthelix: Haha bigdaddy is a noob
1xzf34mt: ----go to FREEGP.COM now!---
Microosoft: Ewwwwwww
Bigdaddy13: No Im not, I pwn you on my main
by Enigmatical April 11, 2010
The most awesome evil magical insane jester ever to grace the Nintendo Wii. Dimentio's signature line, either when exiting by teleportation or when killing someone, is a simple "ciao". He is the surprise character in Super Paper Mario, being the final boss as he betrays Count Bleck. He combines himself with the Chaos Heart and a hypnotized Luigi to form the giant monstrosity known as Super Dimentio.

Dimentio always wears a smile, even in his final curtain call when he is by Mario, Bowser, Peach, and the Pure Hearts. He often speaks in metaphors ("Now we must duel, like two gleaming banjos on a moonlit stoop!"), and plots throughout the game to overthrow Count Bleck, though at first his intentions are subtle at best. He controls dimensions, and has one of his own creation called Dimension D which makes him precisely 256 more times more powerful when he is in it. He is also thought to have written the Dark Prognosticus.

Dimentio was most likely destroyed, although the theatrical charlatan may indeed return in future games to haunt Mario and Luigi.
"Ciao!" -Dimentio
by Enigmatical May 24, 2009
A guy who meets three or more of the following criteria:
-He has a submissive, ditzy girlfriend who is obsessed with him because he treats her like dirt
-He thinks he's the sexiest thing on the planet, and thus thinks anyone who is NOT "the sexiest thing on the planet" is his inferior
-Swear words make up a third of his vocabulary
-He is at the gym all the time, but he doesn't go there for excercise; he goes there to show off his "guns" to all the other gymgoers, who could really care less how much he can bench press
-He refers to himself in third person
-He took his facebook profile picture without a shirt on
-His idea of comedy is anything involving the word "dick"
-He thinks smoking, drinking, and/or doing drugs makes him even cooler
-He skips class all the time because he hates anything mentally challenging
-Someone else does his homework for him
-His group of friends consists solely of other jerks, because he thinks people who aren't jerks are nerds, and no one else wants to be his friend anyway
-The number of girls he is dating is higher than his IQ

In the following scenario, one of the individials is a jerk. See if you can spot which one.
Jake: Hey, Chad. I did your homework again, but you didn't show up for class... where were you?
Chad: Fuck that shit. The Chad went to the gym to show his sweet abs to all the bitches there. Later, dick-nerd. Heh heh... dick.
Jake: What a jerk...
by Enigmatical September 05, 2010
An inhabitant of Draynor Village in RuneScape. Contrary to what his name might suggest, the Master Farmer does not spend any time "farming", per se. Instead, he spends his days roaming around the square, waiting for players to try to steal his seeds so he can scream "Cor blimey mate, what are ye doing in me pockets?" and punch them hard enough to cause fractures. He lives for this.
Because he does not farm, it is questionable how he manages to get so many seeds to begin with. Perhaps he buys them on the Grand Exchange; perhaps he is a pickpocket himself; perhaps he has secret underground crops farmed by an army of Master Farmerites. Whatever the case, he fits right in with the many sketchy citizens of Draynor.
Player: *attempts to pick the Master Farmer's pocket*
Master Farmer: *gives the player a fracture-causing punch* Cor blimey mate, what are ye doing in me pockets?
Player: Training my thieving level, you dick!
by Enigmatical June 21, 2010
This term is similar to the apostrophe catastrophe, but it is reserved for the most revolting of apostrophe errors. Only a true abomination of a linguist would commit an apostrophe atrocity.
Examples of the apostrophe atrocity:

"Did yo'u do the home'work?"

"I do'nt think that its nece'ssary"

"O'h loo'k, its our Eng'lish teach'er"

"Why i's sh'e cryi'ng?
by Enigmatical November 17, 2010
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