A large, sunken city, which is formally known as New Orleans.
Hey, remeber Katrina? Yeah, it owned Atlantis-I mean New Orleans.
by James Parka August 31, 2005
The perfect man/ woman. Like the mythical city, he/she may or may not exist. This person possesses all of the positive attributes one could possibly desire.
I've found Atlantis. He's the most amazing man I've ever met.

Jamie O'Neal's song lyrics: "a girl trying to find herself the perfect man is like trying to find Atlantis"
by Skyy Diva June 15, 2008
Its called oregon, if anything is touching the ground, the mudd sucks it down into oblivion
by pinecone May 21, 2004
Mythical place, told of by Socrates (i think), where all people work together in harmony. It was this ideology of a pure race and a pure place that led to the Holocaust in the Second World War.

Also, the name given to an ancient Greek city, well known for its good work ethics, which was hit by a tidal wave a couple of thousand years ago.

These two stories are usually linked, and it is not known if Socrates meant that Atlantis was a real place or a spiritual ideal.
Well if it does exist, there is one example. If it doesnt, there is none.
by Doug Mobley January 21, 2004
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