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A variant of whiffle ball (a variant of baseball) played with a plastic ball and bat and a cooler full of beer. The game is played like a regular baseball game with rules adapted to the number of players and the quirks of the playing field. Some rules include:
"The Beer Inning," Usually at the top of every inning, depending on the size of the beer supply.
Each batter has to hit left handed on every third at bat.
"The seventh inning blunt."
After school we're gonna go play some whiffle beer. You in?
Fuck yea I'm in.
by pinecone May 15, 2006
A band of cocky australians who think they are god's gift to rock and steal from other sources, especially the beatles. They talk shit about other bands and have big ass egos. I mean who the hell do they think they are, Oasis? And they even manage to be annoying - their song "Are you gonna be my girl" is impossible to escape from its freakin everywhere.
"Oh, look what you've done
You've made a fool of everyone
A fool of everyone
A fool of everyone"

They were probrably talkin about themseleves there....
by Pinecone March 10, 2005
Its called oregon, if anything is touching the ground, the mudd sucks it down into oblivion
by pinecone May 21, 2004

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