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An abrasive form of the word ass which may include wad at the end. My little brother
Me and my cousin were going to go out, and then my loser asswad narcing little brother went and narced our nuts off... dam
by SamiKhalaf December 01, 2007
4 4
1. A wad of ass.
2. A particularly unsavory character.
David wont lend me a dollar, what an asswad.
by Tempyst January 20, 2003
16 16
The amount of X that can fit inside someone's ass. Where X is a quantity of something.
Corey (to soccer team)- I have an asswad of white socks you can borrow.
Team- Eww... We don't think we need those socks now, they might not be so white.
by jorge- June 26, 2009
0 2
The definition of asswad is simple it is ifact the same term as mince and tatties read exmaple and understand
Ahh some mince and tatties
o you asswad you ruined the mince and tatties
look asswad these mince and tatties are fine
o shutit asswad you have no idea what good mince and tatties are and you never will
by Stealth June 05, 2004
2 22
Mike...see dipshit, gaywad, dumbass, fuck up, hormonal shitwad...etc.

its saying i dont have enough letters or something so afiuhsoeruhriuhagsdgf
Mike is an asswad! A fucking asswad is mike!!!!!!
by WiLd4U29620 March 31, 2005
1 24