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3 definitions by WiLd4U29620

Billie Joe Armstrong is the hottest guy on earth and the lead guy dide of green day! YAY
Billie Joe is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hott!
by WiLd4U29620 April 06, 2005
Mike...see dipshit, gaywad, dumbass, fuck up, hormonal shitwad...etc.

its saying i dont have enough letters or something so afiuhsoeruhriuhagsdgf
Mike is an asswad! A fucking asswad is mike!!!!!!
by WiLd4U29620 March 31, 2005
Stoners, surfers, and skaters
all the things that represent america
Those dudes represent the 3 s's
by WiLd4U29620 March 27, 2005