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A very lazy person who loves to look at young teens on myspace at work instead of doing their job, and who takes a dozen smoke breaks in a half hour period.
Jared has only been at work for an hour and had at least a dozen smoke breaks and done nothing but jerk off to myspace pictures of teens. What a shitwad!
by Ivan Jackinoff November 29, 2007
Annoying; bothersome; pissy
Scotty was being such a shitwad.

That bitch is always being a shitwad,!
by breezyheartsbbycakes March 19, 2010
the droppings from the anal canal that project a gagging smell.
kristen, why is your shitwad on the kitchen counter again?
by redled January 08, 2012
a certain amount of shit
James, you are a HUGE shitwad

James, you are a SMALL shitwad

James, you are KINDA like a shitwad
by Raiden May 17, 2003