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Succeeding another by a land-slide, as in a competition.
"I ass raped that nerd in the Halo tournament!"

"I ass raped her in the school president election! She didn't even have a chance!"

by hekifier March 28, 2009
46 40
Assrape is a crime wherein the victim is forced into sexual activity against his or her will, in particular sexual penetration. It is considered by most societies to be among the most severe crimes.
Chupacabra raping Healmaster by putting his penis in her/his ass, against his/her will.
Chupacabra assraped HealMaster.
by Chupacabraa March 24, 2006
12 6
What the average working stiff in America experiences every April 15th.
Damn! I just got audited, what a friggin' assrape!
by KicK October 31, 2003
21 15
1. To achieve a complete and total victory over another.
2. A negative consequence, usually owing to fate rather than a particular person.
1. Man, I totally assraped him in paintball last night
2. I can't believe I'm getting assraped this badly.
by Morgana June 24, 2003
12 7
To talk to, or talk back to.
person 1: Hey remember Tracy from down the street?
I totally assraped her last night!
person 2: So you really finally talked to her last night?
Person 1: Oh yea, we assraped all night!

Person 1: My mom was assraping me about something.
person 2: Really what was she assraping you about?
Person 1: I don't know, something about cleaning my room,
So I assraped her back!

Person 1: You know those times when some random person comes up and starts assraping you for no reason?
Person 2: yea that totally happened to me last night on the subway, some random guy started assraping me, it was awful, he just kept assraping me about a whole bunch of questions. It was

so awkward, I was so ashamed, I had nothing to assrape back about.
by finatu July 21, 2009
7 4
This is like, when someone rapes you in your ass
Eben assraped himself last night
by DoCtoRGriLLz August 25, 2006
11 8
A vigorous double-handed butt squeeze without consent, usually for the shocked reaction.
I assraped Vladimir the other day, and OH MY GOD, his ass must have been carved by angels.
by Red Fleming June 27, 2011
2 0