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A traditional hazing ritual on new posters in the lounge forum at New posters with "leap before looking" attitudes, generally break unwritten and written rules of the forum, thus attracting massive negative attention. The public ridicule only becomes greater in strength if the new poster attempts to defend themselves, even more so if done emotionally. Any and every display of weakness or opportunity is viciously exploited in order to crush whatever spirit the poor victim may have.
The purpose to such outright attacks is two fold. It not only weeds out those who would not be able to withstand the often crude, rude and offensive nature of the forum, but it also hardens others into a state of shamlessness thus enhancing their contribution potential to the forum and future Assrapings.
example of assrape:

420nEwGUy69: y0! i'VE bEeN uP fOr eIGhT daZE NoW. sTr8 uP!

bler: you look like the type of person to do something as retarded as that
bler2: you know, if you didn't spank so regularly, perhaps you wouldn't keep bumping that capslock keys while typing.
bler3: fuck off back to your cave, troll! no one likes you. not even you mother likes you.
bler: yeah she told me between pounds in the ass and mouth.
by l2Fr August 24, 2006
48 27
Something that will happen to you in prison if you drop your soap in the shower
I was raped by Bubba because I dropped my soap in the shower.
by N/A July 27, 2003
524 100
Anal sex without consent.

Paying $16.99 (U.S dollars) or more on a CD album with only one good song on it.

What will legally happen to a male in divorce court.
The RIAA is Hell-bent on destroying peer-to-peer networks and the MP3 audio file format so it can financially assrape its customers in peace.
by sarcastic May 29, 2004
408 51
What happens when you drop the soap in the Alabama Penetiniary system.
Man, Bubba assraped me last night when i dropped my soap in the showers!
by Contribution To Society July 24, 2003
232 56
To force sex with someone or somethings ass.
Bryant G. ass raped his dog.
by comeback kid June 30, 2005
242 83
to forcefully insert one's penis into a male or female's anus without consent and subsequently ejaculate into their rectum.
I ass raped that punk ass bitch and cummed all over them.
by L double C March 18, 2008
148 49
Something that you really don't want to do, or exhausts you
"Doing all this homework is like ass rape!"
by Christy January 15, 2003
178 96
Unconsented buggery. Usually violent.

Used to describe total domination.
Big Bubba assraped you in the shower.

wooooo you got assraped in that race
by Gumba Gumba March 26, 2004
126 47