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A cool hat.
It's a fez. I wear a fez now. Fezes are cool.
by Red Fleming July 05, 2011
A Russian guy with the most handsome features you will ever see. These may include curly golden or silver-blonde hair, sea-blue eyes, and an ass carved by angels.

He is also very talented, and these talents may include YouTubing, Airsoft, elite skills in Call of Duty games, and musicianship. He can play many instruments which may include drum kit, trombone, piano, baritone or euphonium, trumpet, guitar, and maybe even saxophone.

Despite how sexy he is, he may also be stuck-up and/or self-centered. Ladies, beware.
Man, Duncan is cute, but he can't even be compared to Vladimir.
by Red Fleming June 27, 2011
An exclamation, like 'holy shit.'

Was originally created when the curses 'suck my dick,' 'holy shit,' 'Jesus's nipples,' and 'fucking hell' were combined to make the ultimate curse.

Can also refer to the Pope having dicks on his nipples which spew diarrhea, but this isn't as common.
*person gets startled* Holy shitting dick nipples!
by Red Fleming March 23, 2011
A vigorous double-handed butt squeeze without consent, usually for the shocked reaction.
I assraped Vladimir the other day, and OH MY GOD, his ass must have been carved by angels.
by Red Fleming June 27, 2011
Usually used on deviantART, refers to the enormous amount of favorites a popular artist receives shortly after posting a new picture.
Just posted a new deviation! Let the favebombing commence!

It must be nice to be popular. I wouldn't mind getting favebombed now and again.
by Red Fleming May 13, 2011

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