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When someone goes in for a fist bump and instead of bumping his/her fist you just give them the finger or the bird. An awesome trick that usually makes the recipient ashamed or really sad.
Scott thought he made a joke that deserved a fist bump. John disagreed and gave him the asshole finger instead. Scott was bummed.
by Stanley Roper September 14, 2010
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The act of celebration when getting out of a shitty situation or leaving your friends behind to do a very lame task when you are getting out of it. Using your fingers as guns whilst giving your biggest, most terrible smile you can muster.
Oh my god dude?!?!?!? are they still stuck doing that shitty volunteer work? Roll down the windows when you drive by so I can give them the Asshole Fingers!
by Slokey August 07, 2009
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