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A person who huffs computer duster, paint, etc.; also, the product of two people who huff same
Jack didnt remember half of our conversation - he's such a retarded huffer baby.
Jack and Jill, those notorious drug users, just had a retarded huffer baby.
by PixieStick75 November 15, 2010
When you are being such an asshole that you can't use two thumbs to do a "This guy!" Thumbs remain in and your 8 fingers point back to you; when you are an asshole beyond two thumbs; an alternative to "This guy!"
After screwing up royally and having someone call you on it and you know you're guilty, you can say, "I'm beyond two thumbs. Who's being an 8 fingered asshole? THIS GUY!" with all 8 fingers pointing at yourself.
by PixieStick75 September 28, 2010
When you take a good photo, a funny photo or an all-around rad photo, it's Facebookable; i.e. good enough to post on Facebook, like a group shot taken and everyone looks good.
Girl 1: How do I look in that pic?
Girl 2: Oh, don't worry...it's totes mcgoats Facebookable!
by PixieStick75 July 22, 2010

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