Anal sex, male-to-male or male-to-female. Usually used more in gay company than not. noun or verb, depending.
There were so many cute guys at that new gay bar, I could have assdicked six of them, if I wanted to" "I saw you pick up that cute guy at the bar last night, did you take him home and assdick him?
by quasimoto64 December 09, 2010
A scarcely documented and extremely rare medical condition in which the afflicted actually suffers from a dick hanging out of his or her ass.
Ross was born with such an enormous assdick that it looks like he is always wearing a diaper with ten pounds of doo doo in it.
by smeg nog August 28, 2008
a person who is being a ass dick
damn dude he was being a assdick
by dustinthepunk August 24, 2007
When your prolapsed rectum sticks out so far that when you stand sideways naked it looks like you have a dick sticking out of your ass.
"No wonder Keri's always in a foul mood, William only gives her his assdick."
by J. Addams March 09, 2007
Contraction or shorthand for the more common phrase, "dicking (someone) up the ass." Anal sex, male or female. Can be used as a noun or a verb, see below.
"Did anyone here assdick last night?" "How many guys did you assdick last weekend, Fred?"

Verb: "I assdicked that cutie in the barroom bathroom, he was SOOO hot..."
by Joseph E. November 06, 2004
a guy with no ass or dick
Lewis chappel has no ass nor dick hes an assdick has to use a magnifing glass to wank !
by ejhfjhdkjbsjkebf January 28, 2009
The sexual organ that fags use to penetrate each others anus.

No further explaining needed
I dont want to see you or your ASSDICK around here anymore.... FAG!!
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