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An exclamation used to distract Angels just before you throw a Molotov at them.
"Hey, Assbutt!" *Throws Molotov*
by Castiell May 21, 2010
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First used by the character Castiel ( Misha Collins) the word originated from the show Supernatural. To be used as an insult and to get some ones attention. Very useful when dealing with superwholocks.
I.e."HEY!ASSBUTT" as you throw a bottle of holy fire at them to send them back to heaven/hell.
by Rita Dalli December 19, 2013
someone who is such an ass that he/she needs to be called an ass twice.
"parvati cheated on his girlfriend 5 times!"
"man he's such an assbutt!"
by breastitch March 28, 2014
Its something you say when you get angry at someone and you don't know what to call them so you say Asssssssbutt??
"You know what quite being such an... uh... Assbutt. Yeah stop being an Assbutt, Bro."
by IAMCASTIEL March 29, 2015
1. the butt of a donkey

2. someone who has traits of both an ass and a butt

3. used to get someone's attention and piss them off while sounding cool and hilarious to bystanders

4. a word uttered loudly in the presence of authority figures to show your not afraid to break the rules. (because we all know that rules were made to be broken :D)
1. go stick your face in that assbutt're such an assbutt!

3. hey assbutt! *throws grenade at pile of TNT next to an asshole's butt*


BOSS: so, I want everyone to put down the drinks-
Guy: assbutt!
by A-person_yay February 19, 2014
(Ass-buhttz) n. 1. Used as blatant redundancy to prove unnecessary terminology. 2. A negative nick-name.
When one says something of ill-intellect such as: "You're the most awesomest person I've ever met!". That is the equivalent of saying "most most awesome". At this point, one could say "Stop bein' such an ass-butt".

"Dude, you know those people who say "Irregardless"?
Those guys are such ass-butts"
by AnVillain July 20, 2009
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