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Attacking somebody physically
Lets book this guy for Assault that poor old man is in the hospital now
by EtownSucks July 27, 2011
Assault is when i get buzzin and decide to smash someones face in.
Copper 2 me : "did u assault the poor helpless albanian?"
Me : "Yes i fucking did!"
by Liam April 22, 2004
What my crazy ass does to someone for making fun of AOL or AOL CDs. I will be charged with aggravated assault with intent to murder.
Maurice says "AOL sucks and breaks an AOL CD"
Rosco punches maurice to the ground and starts stomping him with military combat boots and beats him to a bloody pulp and then the police comes and Rosco runs for it while maurice bleeds half to death
by Rosco April 23, 2004