Someone who is addicted to anal sex.
These assaholics keep staring at my backside and are making me mad uncomfortable.

This assaholic is trying to get me raped.
by Straightdude. May 18, 2013
a person who becomes easily infatuated with assholes, or finds themself attracted to someone who treats him or her as worthless; perhaps related to insecurity
Maggie: Yeah. So her boyfriend totally blew her off the other day. She went all the way uptown for him and bought him an engraved pen and he just told her he had to go to a party and never showed up. She waited at his door for him until he came home, which was like four hours later, and when he got there he told her he was too tired and had to go to bed.
Dana: Shit! So is she coming with us to singles night?
Maggie: What? Oh no. She just got him a matching pair of engraved cufflinks... she digs that stuff. She's what you might call an 'assaholic.'
by allikat2005 November 15, 2005
A person who has become dependent in their public persona of drunk asshole.
"That guy whose always puking on your bed and putting his fist through the front door window is such a fucking assaholic!"
by roger January 29, 2004
When a person has a tendency to act like an ass or shmuckass

It could either be a constant thing like a personality trait or just a sudden outburst/tantrum
"Brandon you sure as hell are acting like an assaholic by constantly wanting to contradict me"
via giphy
by KDiggidyDiaz June 07, 2016
The act of being inebriated in ones own asinine brain functions, and therefore letting everyone around you know what an ass you truly are.
"Bryan is acting like an assaholic, maybe someone should snap him out of it with a slap to his freaking face"
by JinxPocket May 05, 2015
1. A person who is a chronic asshole; one who is in a constant state of assholeness.
2. Assaholic in nature.
Jim: I don't know what Peter was trippin on last night, but it must have been some heavy shit.
Roy: What do you mean?
Jim: He strip-danced on our antique coffee table in front of my senile grandmother. Then he pissed on my cat and slapped it in the face with his dick.
Roy: You didn't know? He's an assaholic.
by TheLotionMaster September 28, 2014
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