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1. The act of oral sex from a woman to a man
Man, she gave me a really amazing head bobber last night.
by lou-man October 02, 2003
When a man loves ass so much that he becomes very irritable until he gets his first slice of the day.
That darn Bobby is so mean in the morning until he gets laid, he must be an assaholic.
by lou-man October 03, 2003
Intense intercourse usually resulting in the male partner losing all ability to act like a normal human being during the act, due to the extreme sheer perfect and rare hotmess of the female.

Damn, dude! I would do her silly stlye!
by lou-man October 03, 2003
Alternate term used for cockroaches, primarily ones that cannot be exterminated, derived from the tv show, "The Sandkings".
These sandbastards are everywhere!
by lou-man October 04, 2003
When a woman's breasts (see titties) are so big that they form a cleavage line, or ass crack, all the way up to her neck
Damn, Dolly's rubbernecks are so big that she has an assneck!
by lou-man October 03, 2003
1. It's name says it all.
2. The name of a song by Jack Off Jill
Man, he must have some bad lollie-rot to be scratchin like that!
by lou-man October 07, 2003
1. A woman's breasts (titties)

2. Someone who hurts there own neck turning it too far and too much looking at a girl's rubbernecks
Damn, she has an amazing set of rubbernecks!
by lou-man October 02, 2003

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